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Tips & Faq's
1. How to place an order?
You can visit our showroom, or call us, We will send our executive along with catalogue to understand your requirement and give quotation. Visiting charges Rs.500/- will be adjusted in the bill amount. Customers living out of Mumbai can select models from our web site www.bhavyacraft.com. We will arrange for the delivery of temple.
2. How much time will it take for fabrication?
It depends on design and size; normally it takes 15 - 30 days.
3. How to keep it?
Legs can be put to the temple for keeping it on the floor or low height platform can be made to keep it without legs .Some interior designers suggest to keep it on wooden or marble cabinet.
4. Where can I put the pooja items? Do you make drawers in it?
Yes, as per your order we can keep provision of drawers. So you can keep the pooja items in the drawers.
5. Can temple be customized?
Yes temple can be customized as per your specification.
6. Can I put it in a corner of my pooja room?
Yes, you can put temples in the corner. We specially make temples required for corners. See image of model no. O-H-041 in onyx stone temples. In these temples the back is not flat but the temple is made at 90 degree to get into the corner.
7. Can it be hang on wall?
Yes, one piece of marble or granite can put 2” into wall and temple can be put on that or it can be put on brackets of brass or marble. This work can be done by any civil contractor, or on clients request, we can arrange contractor on chargeable basis.
8. How do I clean my marble temple?
Marble is very sensitive and porous, even leaving spilled water on the marble may cause spots if not attended timely. Whenever anything spills on marble surface, especially oil and ghee wipe it with damp cloth almost immediately to minimize their absorption into the marble, stone.
Clean your marble temple with soapy water or a solution of 3 tsp. baking soda in one litre of warm water. Or use extremely dilute solutions of a mild, neutral pH detergent such as dishwashing liquid and wipe with a clean soft cloth.
Never use acidic solution like vinegar, lemon or bathroom cleansers and alcohol for cleaning as they tend to dull the polish, and never attempt to remove stains or deposits by scraping, scouring, or indiscriminately applying bleaching agents, or other harsh chemicals. For major repairs you can call us.
9. What are the showroom timing’s?
Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm on Sunday 10 am to 1 pm.
10. Payment Terms:
We take 50 percent of the total invoice value as an advance for the customized order. The remaining amount is payable upon approval and before shipment takes place. For those temples that are ready with us, you need to pay us the cost and shipping charges in advance. We accept bank transfers. Please email us on bhavyacraft@gmail.com for further details.
11. Can it be exported? How much time will it take to reach?
Time will depend on country of destination, normally by air it took 4 to 7 days and by sea it takes 15 to 45 days.
12. Packing
We take utmost care in shipping and packing each temple. We use corrugated cardboard boxes for corien and jade stone temples, other temples will be packed in wooden box or ply box. Each piece is packed in one layer of packing material, then after wrapping in thick bubble and stuffed with paper scrape and thermocol sheet is kept on all sides before putting in box.
13. Inspection of orders
We welcome you to come and inspect your customize products orders before taking delivery.
14. Shipping & Transportation:
For customers In India: Delivery charges will be payable by buyer. For local buyers on request we arrange loading tempo and delivery boys on chargeable basis. For other cities time required for the delivery would be 5-6 days.
For our international customers: We ship & deliver your products through renowned Courier for air ship. For sea way shipments, you need to provide us with the name of nearest port from your location, shipping address along with zip code. After receiving above all details, we will get the quote from the shipping company and would reply you in 2-3 working days.
Taxes, duties & shipping charges: on it would be paid by customer where ever applicable. The charges which originates in your country can not be calculated & paid from here. So all the import duties, vat/taxes, custom charges, clearances, customer's local handling and transportations will be payable by customer.
Delays: We will not be liable for any delay of purchased goods due to courier / cargo company, flood, fire, wars, or any cause that is beyond our control. We use renowned courier air & sea shipping companies for the delivery of the products; but delays may be possible.

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